Working to enhance and strengthen the social, economic, and cultural fabric of our communities through a commitment of providing financial resources – helping to improve the quality of life for those who live, work, raise families, and build businesses in our communities.

We do this by:

  • Supporting those organizations which have established and demonstrated their ability to make a fundamental difference.
  • Promoting local development efforts and sound business purposes.
  • Serving as a good corporate citizen.


1st Source Foundation provides support to organizations working in the following areas: Social welfare and human services Education Arts and culture Community and economic development


To make the most productive, efficient, and effective use of resources, we prefer to financially support established organizations that reach larger segments within the communities that 1st Source serves. We believe strongly in the United Way concept, seeking whenever possible to partner with private and public entities to maximize the collective impact of our efforts. To that end, 1st Source Foundation also works in concert with 1st Source Bank, among others, to ensure the widest possible needs are being met through collective contributions, sponsorships, and support programs.

Decision Notifications


Applicants will be notified of our decision on their requests within 30 days following the spring or fall Foundation Board of Directors’ meeting.

Funding as a single grant or as a series of distributions over time will be determined at the time of approval and explained at the time of acceptance.

1st Source Foundation receives funding requests from many worthy causes; however, due to budgetary reasons they may be declined even when the request falls into one of the focus areas.

This does not in any way reflect on the value of the organization involved or its programs.


Guidelines For Applying


Applicants must be 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations as defined by Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code (1954) as amended.

A copy of your most recently filed 990 form (or letter of determination) is required, along with your W-9. Our preference is to partner with nonprofits that have proven themselves successful in achieving their mission, rather than funding new organizations. We seek demonstrable success.


• Define the need or problem you will be addressing.
• Describe why this problem should be of concern to 1st Source.
• Specifically describe your client base and geographic area of activity.
• Discuss how your efforts will sustain, enhance or improve existing services.
• Discuss if and how your efforts complement the work of other agencies, or how you partner with them.

Project Goals

• Provide a full description of your project with measurable goals, timelines, and objectives.
• Explain how you plan to achieve those goals and evaluate your success.
• Be prepared to report periodically on measurable results if chosen as a recipient.


Indicate the amount of your request and how Foundation funds will be used.
• Discuss your project’s budget.
• List other contributors to the project and the level of support they are providing, especially your Board of Directors.
• Indicate whether you receive United Way funding and what percentage of your budget is derived from this source.
• Provide appropriate financial statements and organizational Structure.
• Describe your organizational structure and size.
• List your executive staff and board of directors.
• Detail the nature and level of their involvement.
• Describe any 1st Source personnel that serve on the board or volunteer with you.

Deadline for Applying

A formal request in writing must be received by April 25 or September 25 for review by our Board of Directors.

If the 25th falls on a weekend, then the deadline will be the following business day.

Giant prop check being presented to Boys and Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana leaders.


Two (2) printed copies must be received by the due date at the following address:

1st Source Foundation
Attention: Ann Rathburn-Lacopo
P.O. Box 1602
South Bend, IN 46634
Phone: (574) 235-2798