1st Source Enrichment Program

Why Partner With Us for Financial Wellness?
In partnership with you, 1st Source Bank will provide a free financial educational program, Enrichment, for your employees on a variety of financial topics. This partnership works best when we work together to create an experience designed for your employee needs and preferences.
We see a growing need for stronger financial understanding in every day situations as well as long-term ones. We are living our mission — helping our clients achieve security, grow wealth and realize their dreams.
A dedicated group of individuals at 1st Source Bank who are specially trained to offer financial wellness coaching.
Providing applicable financial education and coaching – with the aim of easing and even eliminating financial stressors. Your employees deserve a foundation of financial certainty. Let us provide the blueprint.
When & where?
All courses can be brought to you. We offer classes on premise (no matter the shift), and through online learning. Financial wellness classes are offered when it is convenient for your employees to attend throughout the year.
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Attract and keep great people 
82% of employers believe their companies would benefit from having a financially secure workforce.8
say that financial wellness programs would make them appreciate their company more
see the value in financial wellness programs. If workers leave, hiring/training new employees is another big expense
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Be prepared for a rainy day 
Only 40% of Americans are able to pay for a $1,000 unplanned expense.10
who are more financially prepared won’t have to tap into retirement savings to cover unexpected life events
with less retirement plan leakage receive more from their investment in their people
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Better health at a lower cost 
People who experience stress related to their debt have more ulcers, migraines, anxiety, heart attacks and muscle tension.9
are physically and mentally healthier when they have less personal financial stress
may see reduced healthcare costs when their employees are less worried about their financial lives
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Productivity from employees free from financial distraction 
49% of workers spend 3+ hours on their personal financial matters at work.3
who are financially healthy are less distracted, more engaged and more satisfied
whose employees are more present – physically and emotionally – get more done
Circle graphic signifying the steps to Financial Wellness; Know, Engage, Achieve
Financial Wellness Index  
Your employees should take this survey to get their financial wellbeing score, which will guide them in future decisions and conversations.
Online Financial Education We offer your company an online education portal with everything from managing debt, to buying a home.
On-site Financial Education One of our Financial Wellness Coaches will visit your company on-site to provide guidance and training in all matters money.
Financial Wellness Coach  
A certified 1st Source Financial Wellness coach will be available to your employees to answer personal questions and guide them on their financial journeys.
Financial Wellness Solutions  
1st Source offers products that can help employees on their financial wellness journey
Special Promotion 
We offer your employees a little something to get them on the right path with a 1st Source Bank account.
Do you know your employee's financial concerns?
3 in 10
3 in 10
People have no savings whatsoever2
4 in 10
4 in 10
Employees stress about finances daily and miss work4
8 in 10
8 in 10
American workers live paycheck to paycheck5

6 in 10
Millennials spend 3+ hours per week at work thinking about money7
American Employees report being distracted by personal financial concerns at work1
People with inadequate emergency funds6
Would be attracted to a company that cares more3
Millennials that feel they are doing financially worse than their parents3
What participants have said:
At Wiers, we care about our employees’ health wellness and also their financial wellness. We partnered with 1st Source Bank and introduced a financial wellness training. 1st Source Bank traveled to each of our six locations and educated our employees in a fun interactive manner. SMART goals, pay yourself first, how can your money grow, retirement and social security were just a few of the topics covered. Feedback from our employees was positive, he made it easy to understand and they were grateful for this learning opportunity. We look forward to future training opportunities with 1st Source.
-Donna L.
1st Source Bank came in and led three Financial Lunch & Learns for our entire staff last month. These sessions were helpful, informative, entertaining, and relevant. They were absolutely wonderful, and everyone loved and looked forward to the sessions.
-Tina B.
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