Why Partner With Us for Financial Wellness?

1st Source Bank is pleased to offer Enrichment, a complimentary financial education program, in collaboration with your organization. Our partnership is most effective when we collaborate to design an experience that caters to the unique financial requirements and preferences of your employees. The program covers a range of financial topics.


There is an increasing demand for improved financial literacy in both short-term and long-term scenarios. As a company, we are committed to fulfilling our mission of aiding our clients in attaining financial security, wealth expansion, and the realization of their dreams.


At 1st Source Bank, we have a team of trained professionals who specialize in providing financial wellness coaching services.


We offer relevant financial education and coaching to alleviate or even eliminate financial stressors. Our goal is to provide your employees with a solid foundation of financial security, and we are committed to delivering the blueprint for achieving it. One of our Financial Wellness Coaches will visit your company on-site to provide guidance and training in all money matters.

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Individualized coaching sessions for your team.

Our team provides personalized financial coaching sessions for groups, with the aim of improving your team's financial literacy and assisting them in realizing their aspirations.

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