1st Source Bank

Community Not-for-Profit (NFP) Checking

We understand the special banking needs of non-profit organizations. That’s why we offer them the ease, convenience, and value of a Community Checking NFP account.

Non-profit organizations qualifying for a Community Checking NFP account include religious, philanthropic, charitable, educational, political, or other such groups as well as homeowners’ and condominium owners’ associations.

Community Checking NFP …

  • does not require a minimum account balance
  • does not assess any monthly fees
  • includes 150 combined deposits/checks
  • assesses a fee of just $0.40 for every transaction over 150

Transaction items include all deposits and withdrawals, such as …

  • checks
  • ACH debits and credits
  • coin and cash deposits

Check images – digital scans of your processed checks – will appear on your monthly statement. This kind of imaging poses fewer fraud and security risks than the return of canceled checks.