Niche Marketing Techniques

Specialized knowledge can go a long way…especially in real estate. Being a specialist in your field can help, National Association of Realtors surveys reveal that buyers prefer to work with a real estate practitioner that focuses on a particular type of property. Many buyers and sellers are seeking personalized services but often come up empty handed as the majority of real estate websites fail to advertise a specialty of any kind. By focusing on a niche market, a realtor can utilize his or her market knowledge and interests to cater to a specific client pool.

Anyone can be a realtor, but when a realtor establishes a real estate specialty many local market opportunities become available through accommodating specific home buyer and seller’s interests. Some realtors specialize in historic homes, by focusing on one-of-a-kind properties a realtor can apply his or her passion, knowledge and expertise to gain more business. Other realtors may focus on a location-based real estate. This niche category may include lake property, equestrian or hobby farms, ski resort areas or golf course estates. Connecting with potential clients through shared interests and hobbies is another way to have a real estate niche. Perhaps you enjoy cooking or are part of an animal rescue group, these are all items that allow one to connect to the client and serve their interests in finding (or selling) a home. A realtor can even define a niche based upon different types of buyers and sellers. One can be a relocation specialist for military personnel, first-time buyers, investors, etc. Memorable website URL’s and other unique marketing techniques will ensure that niche real estate services will stand out from the general realtor crowd.

By defining a niche in the real estate market, one can carve out their own successful business. Remember that not all of the business dealings have to be centered on the niche chosen. However, it does help to be focused on a specific type of marketing approach.

Defining a specific niche may be as simple as defining a specific geographic location area. This can be defined as a county, city, neighborhood and so on. To further boost credibility as a realtor, one can gain certifications and designations to show off specialized knowledge in a specific area. Some may know what the letters after your name are while other clients may not even care about the additional designations. Take, for instance, the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation that may be earned. The National Association of Realtor's statistics showed that on average realtors with this designation earn nearly three times more transactions, gross sales, and income than non-designee realtors.

The internet can be the best way to market a niche and reach potential clients. It provides useful information and the opportunity to provide a memorable website name and experience. A blog can also be a great way to establish credibility and inform prospects about a niche area and what the market is currently doing. A powerful marketing strategy exists when one is able to specifically focus upon a niche market. Unique real estate niches are endless and present terrific opportunity to set a realtor apart from other real estate agents in the industry.