Maintaining Productivity Outside the Office

Because business owners spend so much time on the road, many rely on wireless calendar and to-do list apps to help them keep track of where they need to be and what they need to be working on.

A wide range of productivity apps has been developed for iPhones and Blackberry devices to help you stay connected and productive. Handsets on both platforms have built-in calendar and to-do list applications, and numerous apps have been developed to integrate the two or to provide advanced scheduling as well as task- and project-management features.

Wireless calendar and to-do list apps offer a number of advantages over paper-based planners or personal digital assistants that don't offer wireless access. Electronic calendars are easier to update as events and priorities change, often by dragging an event to its new location.

Similarly, if you need to shift a task to a different day, it's easy to do so electronically without having to re-write it, as you would with a paper planner.

Wireless apps can sync remotely with your other electronic calendars, including those you may have shared with family members or work colleagues. As you add or edit events, either on your PC or on your handset, the latest changes are automatically synced both ways so the people who need to know where you are or when you're available have your latest calendar information.

Getting Organized, Staying Productive

Many calendar and task-management apps follow popular productivity systems based on organizing tasks by context. For example, you can group the phone calls you need to make into a "calls" list so you can run through several of them at once. Similarly, grouping "errands" can save you time when you're on the road.

Whichever handset you use, a variety of applications are available to help you keep your schedule current and to maintain your productivity, on the road or in the workplace.