5 Tips for Boosting Your YouTube Marketing

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5 Tips for Boosting Your YouTube Marketing

How popular is YouTube? Google and Nielsen published a study in 2016 that found 18 to 49 year olds watch YouTube more than any TV network, particularly on mobile devices. If you’re looking to use YouTube as part of your social media marketing mix, pay attention to both the latest trends and best practices.

Here are some tips for upping your YouTube marketing game.

1. Create Videos That Fit a Trend

Are you up on the latest YouTube video trends? Knowing what category of videos are the most watched can give you inspiration when you’re planning out your own videos. Videos that solve a problem or “How To” videos get a lot of viewers. In fact, when you search Google for “how to…” and fill in the blank, chances are the first search engine results are How To videos on YouTube. A variation of the “How To” video is the Q&A where you showcase your expertise by answering questions from customers, the general public or ones that you’ve crafted based on information you want to explain.

Review videos are also popular, as are “Haul” videos, that show what products a video personality has purchased on a shopping spree and “Unboxing” videos which are a specific type of review video where the reviewer starts by opening a package containing a product and walking viewers through the experience of discovery.

If you’re a real estate agent, why simply make videos touring homes you’re showing? Instead, come up with something clever to set your videos apart from other real estate agents such as “How To” videos on how to find your best home. Talking about what to look for in a home, what questions to ask a real estate agent, and how to interpret real estate listings. If you’re a fitness trainer, it might seem logical to make “How To” fitness videos. But why not try something different and do “Unboxing” videos of fitness equipment and review them. Go for something useful, unexpected and even entertaining. Understanding what’s trending on YouTube doesn’t mean you should produce videos that are off brand or off topic for you, but don’t shy away from being creative.

2. Engage With Your Viewers and Subscribers

While it is easy to upload your videos to YouTube and leave them there to be found, an important part of social media is interacting with your audience. Build calls to action right into your videos asking for comments, feedback, and answers to questions you pose. Respond to questions or react to comments on your channel, too. You can increase the visibility of your videos by getting your viewers to like or comment on the videos you post. Don’t forget to make one of your calls to action to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

3. Share Your YouTube Videos Widely

While you can upload videos to most other popular social networks, YouTube allows longer form videos if you have a need to post those, plus they make it easy to share your videos elsewhere. Go to your own videos and click the "Share" button to access the “Share a link” feature. Once there, you can immediately share your videos to Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Blogger, Pinterest, and Reddit. There is also an option to post to Bkohtakte, the popular Russian social network, and Mix, a content curation site. For Facebook, it is more effective to upload your videos directly to the network, however, you can post a teaser or trailer video and link to the longer YouTube version. By sharing your videos on other social networks, you can drive more traffic to your channel.

4. Embed Your Video

YouTube provides an iFrame code within the Share feature that you can copy and add to your website or blog code depending on the website format you’re using. You can even choose a point in a video where you’d like it to start playing by checking a box to select a specific time code within the video. If you have a Wordpress site, simply paste a video URL into the post editor, and Wordpress will automatically fill in the embed code. Other website publishing platforms like SquareSpace and Wix function in a similar manner. Embedding video into your site or blog increases visibility of both the video you’ve uploaded and your YouTube channel while enhancing your content.

5. Get Found With the Right Main Keyword

With Google’s search engine dominating over other search engines plus Google owning YouTube, there’s something to be said for using YouTube to increase the chances of your content showing up in more search results. One way to get more viewers for your video is to zero in on a single topic for your video with a corresponding keyword. For example, if you own a clothing store, fashion might be an obvious keyword, but maybe a popular keyword like “fashionista” or “fashion hacks” will attract more attention. A tool like KeywordTool.io provides social network specific keyword options to help you zero in on the right keyword. Once you pick a more compelling keyword, make sure to use it within your video several times as a natural part of the script in addition to the video description. YouTube will automatically generate a video transcript, and you want your keyword showing up there for added SEO.

While you can use many tactics to boost your YouTube marketing power, the best way to get more traffic to your YouTube channel is to post good videos and more of them.