1st Source Bank

Overdraft Line of Credit

Carefree Line of Credit: Overdraft Protection You Can Count On

Anyone can get themselves into an overdraft situation. It happens to the best of us.

Our Carefree Line of Credit is just the protection you need. It saves you the inconvenience, embarrassment, and expense of an accidental overdraft whenever it occurs.

If there’s an error in your checkbook, Carefree automatically ensures that your checks are honored – up to the available amount of your credit line.*

With Carefree Line of Credit overdraft protection …

  • Your credit line is activated whenever your account balance falls below $0.
  • The monthly participation fee of $1.50 is automatically deducted from your checking account.
  • Our Online Banking service lets you review your checking account balance and make a payment any time.
  • You can repay the outstanding balance of your credit line advance monthly or all at once.

Read our Carefree Line of Credit Agreement to obtain the current interest rate, minimum payment information, and detailed disclosures.

When all is said and done, overdraft protection from 1st Source can provide you with real peace of mind.