Online CD

Including Certificates of Deposit (CDs) in your portfolio is an excellent way to invest in the future. Especially now. Just ask any professional financial planner.

Our flexible Online CDs let you choose terms ranging from 7 days to 6 years. Interest rates are guaranteed for the term chosen. Deposits are insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC.
If you live within northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan, please visit or call your local 1st Source banking center to learn more about your CD options. 
Choose the Terms of Your CD. 

7 day 0.03% Annual Percentage Yield (APY)    $25,000 minimum
32 day 0.04% APY $2,500 minimum
91 day 0.05% APY $2,500 minimum
182 day 0.10% APY $2,500 minimum
1 year

0.15% APY

$500 minimum
18 month 0.17% APY $500 minimum
2 year 0.22% APY $500 minimum
3 year 0.80% APY $500 minimum
4 year 1.50% APY $500 minimum
5 year
2.00% APY
$500 minimum
6 year 2.00% APY $500 minimum


The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is effective as of September 30, 2015. There is a $500.00 minimum deposit required to open a CD, special offers may require more. Applications should be mailed and postmarked on the date that you apply. The postmark date will lock in the rate shown on our website. Rates are subject to change at anytime. Simple interest will be accrued daily based on a 365 day year; 366 days in a leap year. Per your request, interest may be paid by check or credited to another 1st Source Bank deposit account for Certificates equal to or greater than $2,500.00. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal from a CD. This offer applies only to personal CDs with balances up to $100,000.00. IRA/CDs are only available at 1st Source banking centers.  This offer may not be used in combination with any other offer and may be purchased with U.S. dollars only. CD rates advertised on the Internet may not be available in 1st Source banking centers. Please click here to view 1st Source Bank's complete Terms and Conditions.