1st Source Bank
With FinanceWorksTM, you'll know where you're spending your money, be able to set financial goals and then reach them. It's simple to use and understand.

Connect to any account, anywhere
Easily access all of your checking and savings accounts, loans and credit cards with just one login from online banking.

Categorize all spending
Your online banking transactions are automatically categorized from your accounts so you can watch your spending more easily.

Bill Pay
Pay bills all in one place, regardless of how you pay them. Schedule email or text reminders to avoid missed payments and late fees.
Track cash flow
Track your cash flow and find out exactly how much you have available to spend (or save) until your next paycheck.

Stay on budget
See daily alerts of which transactions have cleared and budget reminders to help avoid overspending.

Set monthly goals for each category so you know how much you can spend and what you have remaining.

Taking control of your finances has never been this convenient, this accurate, this easy. Click on the Manage Money tab within Online Banking to get started.