1st Source Bank

e-student Savings

If you’re between the ages of 16 and 24, an e-student Savings account offers you a smart way to save. You need an e-student Checking account and a valid email address to get started.

Plus, if you demonstrate great savings habits, you can earn a higher rate of interest in the following calendar year.

Check out these benefits:

  • no minimum balance required to open your account
  • earn a higher rate of interest for the next calendar year if you have:
    • a minimum of 4 deposits in your e-student Savings account per calendar year
    • a maximum of 2 withdrawals from the account per calendar year
    • an average monthly balance of at least $100 or greater during the previous calendar year
    • an e-student Savings account that’s been open for at least 3 months prior to December 31 each year
  • the availability of convenient, paperless e-Statements
  • the ability to manage all your financial accounts from one place via FinanceWorksTM
  • online Planning Calculators to help you see the big financial picture