Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit
What is direct deposit?
Direct deposit allows the transfer of funds from an outside source into your account without paper checks. The money is placed automatically in your bank account on your payday. Paychecks, pension, Social Security, or other regular monthly income can be set up to be directly deposited for you.
What are the advantages of direct deposit?
  • Convenient. Cut down on trips to the bank.
  • Safe. No lost or stolen checks.
  • Time saving.
  • Fast access to your cash.
  • Environmentally friendly.
How can you get started with direct deposit?
Step 1:
Gather your information. You will need 1st Source Bank's routing number and your 1st Source Bank account number.
Obtain a form from your employer or your other deposit source, or use this written authorization form.
Step 2:
Submit the information to your employer or another deposit source organization, such as the U.S. Social Security Office, an investment or insurance company, etc.
Do you receive a government check? If so, please note that new regulations will require you to switch to direct deposit by March 1, 2013. Just go to and sign up for direct deposit of your government check online.
Step 3:
Watch your account for your direct deposit to start. It can take several weeks.
Questions? The bankers at your closest 1st Source banking center can help you.
Or contact 1st Source Customer Service at 574-235-2000 or 1-800-513-2360.