Walkerton Redevelopment Project Recognized by Lt. Governor

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority has recognized the Town of Walkerton as the recipient of the Lt. Governor’s Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing and Community Development. Walkerton received the award in the rural project category in recognition of Dogwood Estates, a successful affordable housing redevelopment project.
As a part of the Dogwood Estates project, 80 substandard homes that were built as temporary housing during World War II were replaced with 40 new affordable single family homes. 1st Source Bank was a major contributor to the redevelopment project and was one of nine investors.
“1st Source has been pleased to be part of the Dogwood Estates redevelopment,” said Julie Keb, Manager of the 1st Source Banking Center in Walkerton. “I’d like to congratulate the town for receiving this award and for making such a big impact on our community.”
In addition to providing financing for the redevelopment, 1st Source has created a partnership with the Town of Walkerton and Dogwood Estates to provide financial education and services to the new residents.