Trying to Stay Under Budget this Holiday Season?

It's been estimated that holiday shoppers will spend an average of $704.18 this year. Follow these simple tips to keep your holiday shopping under control. 
  1. Make a budget.  Write down a list of everybody you plan to buy for and how much you can spend. Once the list is complete you'll have to decide if you can afford it or if you need to cut back.
  2. Be a smart shopper. Do your research before you go out shopping. If you're looking for a certain item, check prices from a few different stores online or in ads. Look for coupons and rebates that can help you save big.
  3. Avoid using credit cards. Pay with cash or your debit card. You'll be more likely to overspend if you pay with a credit card.
  4. Refrain from making personal purchases. Stick to your holiday shopping and avoid making purchases for yourself. Shoppers will spend $130 on gifts for themselves this year.

Want to make holiday shopping a little easier? Open a Holiday Savings Account to help you start saving for next year. You can automatically transfer funds into the account weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to be sure you're prepared for the holidays.