Sticking to your New Year's resolutions?

Did you set New Year's resolutions to eat better, get more exercise and take control of your finances?
If you're like most people you set goals for yourself, but by the end of January you got off track. In fact, a recent study showed that about 25% of Americans ditch their resolutions within the first week of the new year. 
So, how do you get your financial resolutions back on track? 
  • Create a plan. If you didn't set one back in January, take a step back and create a plan to achieve your financial goals. For instance, if your goal is to save money for your child's college, start by setting a timetable for researching 529 plans, then establishing one, and finally how much you want to contribute monthly.
  • Take advantage of automatic transfers. If your resolution was to save money for a home improvement project, college or maybe a vacation it's easiest to save by setting up an automatic transfer of money from your checking to a savings account or a 529 account if you're saving for college. Setting up an automatic transfer reduces the risk that you'll spend the money before meeting your goal.
  • Set reminders for yourself.  If you can't remember to set aside extra money for your savings account then take advantage of email and text alerts, available through Online Banking. You can schedule an alert to notify you if your account goes below or above a certain balance and more.
  • Tell others about your resolution. The more people who know about your resolution, the more likely someone will remind you if you're getting off track.