Holiday time is often time for scams. Safety first!

Holiday time is often time for scams. Safety first!
Here are some good reminders for you and your family:
Change your Online Banking passwords regularly. Passwords are an important aspect of account security. Tech experts recommend changing your Online Banking password every three to six months to limit your account's exposure to misuse by hackers and scammers. Use good password practices:
  • Keep your password to yourself.
  • Memorize it.
  • Use a hard-to-crack password with letters and numerals in it, but avoid including strings such as “123,” “xxx” or “abc.”
  • Read our Guide to Avoiding Identity Theft on our security web page.
Watch out for “phishy” phone calls, texts or e-mail. Scammers may seek to get your information with random automated calls, SMS text messages or e-mail. 1st Source will never call, text or email you requesting your account number, card number, PIN or password. Don’t provide information! Just hang up or hit delete!
ATM Skimming - “Skimming” is a form of fraud that steals debit/credit card information and PINs during a transaction using a device or mini-camera that attaches to an ATM. If you see something that doesn't look right on an ATM, don’t use it! You can read more about ATM skimming and find tips to avoid skimming here.
Contact 1st Source Customer Service if your information has been compromised.