Helpful Tips for Online Banking

Great Online Banking Tips

  • Always log out of Online Banking when you have completed your banking.
  • Log out before using your browser’s close button or clicking the “X.”
  • To log out, click “Log Out” in the gray box in the upper right corner of your Online Banking screen.


Did you receive a message such as:

  • You must close your existing Online Banking session before logging in again.


  • You already have an existing session.

If so:

  • Close out of the Internet. Open it up again, then go to to try again.


Are you updating your Quicken connection?

  • You must update your user name for each 1st Source account to which you want to connect.
  • Select “Edit” for each account to be updated
  • On the screen that follows, enter your Social Security number (or registered tax identification number) in the Customer ID field.
  • Your password remains the same as it was before the 1st Source Online Banking update.


Are you prompted for a six digit security code every time you login from the very same computer or electronic device?

  • Verify that your browser is not set to automatically delete your browsing history/cookies upon exiting Online Banking. You need cookies for the Online Banking system to remember your device. You might find this function in your computer’s TOOLS menu under INTERNET OPTIONS.
  • Even if you have selected that you are using a private computer and not a public computer you will still be challenged on every login if your browser is clearing this information.