Enjoy Convenience, Safety and More by Using a Checking Account

Are you familiar with the many benefits a checking account can provide? As times have changed, so have checking accounts. Today you can get more benefits than ever by using a checking account.
  • Receive and spend money without carrying cash.
  • Select an account with a debit card and use it to make purchases or withdraw funds at an ATM.
  • Direct deposit your paycheck into your checking account for faster access to your cash.
  • Use online banking to pay bills from your checking account, without even writing a check.
  • More safe to take checks or your debit card around with you, rather than cash.
  • Funds in your checking account are insured up to limits set by the FDIC.
  • A canceled check is proof you paid a bill.
A well maintained checking account is also an asset to establishing and maintaining credit, which is important if you're considering a big purchase like a car or house. You can also use your checking account records to get a better handle on your expenses and income and set a budget.

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