Do you use Internet Explorer? - Update

Microsoft Corporation confirmed on April 26th that its Internet Explorer web browser is vulnerable to a glitch that can give hackers remote access to a victim’s computer. Internet Explorer versions 6 – 11 are affected. This issue affects all Internet Explorer users globally and is not specific to 1st Source Bank.


UPDATE: Microsoft released a security patch on May 1st. Users who have automatic updates enabled should not have to take additional action, according to Microsoft. To confirm your PC is up-to-date, open Internet Explorer and go to "Tools - Update Windows". If it has been updated since May 1, 2014, your Internet Explorer has been patched.


Windows XP Users: Microsoft has issued a security patch for Windows XP despite the fact that support was formally discontinued on April 8, 2014. 1st Source, however, still strongly recommends that you consider purchasing a Windows 7 or 8.1 upgrade license or a new PC. That way you will be certain that your operating system and Internet Explorer are kept up-to-date against new external threats.