1st Source will never call, text, or email you asking for your account number, password or PIN

Everyone, please remember, scammers are out there.
  • Never provide personal account information to someone who calls, texts, or e-mails you asking for it – no matter how likely the story.
  • If you receive a message like this, simply hang up or delete, and provide no information.
We’ve been made aware of random automated calls, texts and e-mails being generated throughout the area.
  • Sample wording, “Your 1st Source debit card is locked, press 1 to unlock.”
  • The caller then asks the person to input their debit card number and PIN.
  • This is a scam – these messages are not from 1st Source Bank, and are being made to both 1st Source customers and non-customers alike. Scammers normally use the name of the largest bank in the area.
These scammers DO NOT HAVE our customers’ bank information.
If you have inadvertently given out your debit or credit card information, please call us at 800-513-2360 or stop by a banking center. We will cancel the card and issue a new one.