1st Source to Sponsor Historic Flight Around the World

You've certainly heard of Amelia Earhart who in 1937 began a flight around the globe and disappeared over the South Pacific.  Amelia inspired adventure and flight through her bold courage and desire to open doors for women in aviation.
1st Source, a leading aircraft financer, is excited to be a part of a new journey this summer embarked on by Amelia's namesake. Yes, that's right, a modern day Amelia Earhart will take off later this month to become the youngest woman to fly around the world in a single engine aircraft.
Amelia will fly the 100 hour flight, making 17 stops along the way. It's a journey she's dreamt of since she was 18 years old. Amelia started her flight training in 2004 and has since created the Fly with Amelia Foundation, which provides flight scholarships to young women; flight based education curriculum; and a variety of opportunities for young people to get involved in aviation.
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