1st Source grant to provide Outdoor Learning Center at Westville Little School

1st Source Bank has awarded a $22,864 grant to provide an outdoor learning center at Westville Little School. The new 1st Source Bank Outdoor Learning Center will be an extension of the indoor classroom further enhancing the growth and development of the young students. The space will include a xylophone, rain barrel, large drums, log fort, balance beams, stepping stumps and other engaging activities.
1st Source Regional President Matt Vessely recently visited the Westville Little School to present the donation to Dunebrook Executive Director Jeanne Ann Cannon. Joining them were Dr. Curtiss Streitelmeiter, Superintendent of Schools at MSD of New Durham Township; Deb Pratt, Professor of Early Education at Purdue North Central; and Westville Little School teachers Erin Foust and Jamie Sales.
“1st Source Bank is pleased to partner with Dunebrook, Westville Schools and Purdue North Central to bring an Outdoor Learning Center to the Westville Little School,” said Vessely. “The new outdoor space will enhance learning opportunities for the children so they are better prepared for Kindergarten and have a strong foundation for the future.”
“We are so appreciative of 1st Source Bank’s generous contribution to Westville Little School,” said Cannon. “1st Source and their support is another example of when talent and expertise from a variety of a community resources, such as business, education and social services significantly increase the success of our children, academically, behaviorally and physically. The physical play that 1st Source has provided will play an important role in the holistic development and success of Westville Little Schools’ unique curriculum.”