1st Source embraces green practices at banking centers

At 1st Source Bank, sustainability matters. By implementing ‘green’ practices, the bank has reduced costs, improved the quality of the indoor and outdoor environment and upgraded the banking experience of clients.
These practices can be seen at the new 1st Source Banking Center in Portage, Michigan. In addition to energy saving features, the Portage location features a number of green elements, including native plantings, bioswales and pervious paving, all designed to minimize storm water runoff and reduce the need for water irrigation in the summer and de-icing salt in the winter, while improving footing for those entering and exiting the bank location.
The Portage location also features Xeripave, a super pervious paver product that provides outstanding storm water runoff benefits, and is not affected by freeze/thaw cycles, making it a long-lasting product that needs minimal maintenance, according to Doug Way, Vice President and Administrative Services Manager at 1st Source.
Using Xeripave and incorporating green practices into landscaping is the latest green initiative for the bank. Way says 1st Source has embraced waste reduction and energy efficiency for years, enabling the bank to be greener and reduce costs.
“We try to lead in sustainable efforts and encourage them wherever we are,” says Way. “What we have learned is that being green saves “green”, and it’s the right thing to do for our communities, our clients and our shareholders.”