1st Source Congratulates Winners of Create-A-Bookmark Contest

Congratulations to this year's winners of the Create-A-Bookmark Contest sponsored by 1st Source Bank and the St. Joseph County Public Library. 1st Source awarded first, second and third place winners a cash prize and all finalists received an art prize. Winning bookmarks will soon be available at South Bend area 1st Source locations.  
Grades 1-3
Wyatt Rodriquez - 1st place
Jackie Hynes - 2nd place
Jack Miller - 3rd place
Jaxson Hundt - Honorable Mention
Rayonda Cole - Honorable Mention
Lynda White - Honorable Mention
Kaitlyn Caldwell - Honorable Mention
Amelia Stoner - Honorable Mention
Grades 4-6
Madelyn Kanczuzewski - 1st place
Cameron Kanczuzewski - 2nd place
David Vallejo - 3rd place
Stanley Rozenblit - Honorable Mention
Olivia Miller - Honorable Mention
Taylor Dukes - Honorable Mention
Ameilia Chuppe - Honorable Mention
Jeana Hynes - Honorable Mention
Grades 7-8
Beatrice Bradley - 1st place
Andrew Ganahl - 2nd place
Pietro Stroik - 3rd place
Megan Vogeler - Honorable Mention
Mariclare Braunsdorf - Honorable Mention
Blake Witchie - Honorable Mention
Marissa Macias - Honorable Mention
Michael Everett - Honorable Mention
Grades 9-12
Austin Witchie - 1st place
Jenny Hynes - 2nd place
Yocheved Bechhofer - 3rd place
Meredith Thomas - Honorable Mention
Christine Brooks - Honorable Mention
Alan Rozenblit - Honorable Mention
Irvin Rozenblit - Honorable Mention
Grace Watkins - Honorable Mention