1st Source and St. Joseph County Public Library announce winners of Create a Bookmark Contest

For 22 years, 1st Source Bank has sponsored the St. Joseph County Public Library's Create a Bookmark Contest which encourages students to read a book and then design a bookmark inspired by what they read.
We're pleased to announce this year's winners:
Grades 1-3
1st place - Jaxson Hundt
2nd place - Deven Caparell 
3rd place - Maria Stroik  
Honorable Mention: Jackie Hynes, Karol Lopez, Denisse Vallejo, Emma Polando and Lexi Lawwill
Grades 4-6
1st place - Lydia Fell  
2nd place - Avigdor Lerman
3rd place - Matthew Egan
Honorable Mention: Scarlet Fickett, Harry Marcus Simpson IV, Veronica Anderson, Taylor Dukes and Zuzanna Kukawska
Grades 7-8  
1st place - Madelyn Kanczuzewski
2nd place - Cameron Kanczuzewski
3rd place - Lauren Cooper
Honorable Mention: Kailey Kerkman, Bea Bradley, Luke Fewell, Stanley Rozenblit and Pietro Stroik  
Grades 9-12  
1st place - Laura Deren
2nd place - Sarah Zakowski  
3rd place - Elinor Thomas
Honorable Mention: Nikki Chapman, Irvin Rozenblit, Nora Kelly, Austin Witchie and Joan Becker