Popmoney How to Send Money to Quick Start Guide

With Popmoney you can send money via email or text to anyone.

Get Started — Send Money
  1. Access 1st Source Online Banking.
  2. Start at the Move Money tab.
  3. Select External Transfer.
  4. Choose Pay Other People.
  5. Register for the service, just once, by choosing Get Started.
  6. One-time setup within Online Banking. Follow the screens displayed.
    • Enter your phone number and select prerferred method to receive verification code (via text or phone call).
    • Enter verification code

Schedule Your Payment
  1. Click Send Money
  2. Type the name of your contact. If they’re new, choose Add A New Contact.
  3. Fill in the form with amount, date and choose an account from which to pay.
  4. If you’d like, enter a personal message for the contact.
  5. Choose Continue.

Confirm Payment
  1. Confirm your information.
  2. Choose Send Payment.
    • Please note: the payment will be delivered as early as one business day for Next Day payments and as early as 3 business days for Standard Payments. The delivery is dependent on the recipient accepting the payment request.
  3. Review your Popmoney activity. Choose Activity.
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