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Women's Financial Group

Women's Financial Group
We’re committed to providing women in business with the banking solutions they need to build wealth, reach their goals, and find financial security.
What are your goals?
With a diverse number of ways to help you get your business started or growing, 1st Source will help you reach your goals with straight talk and sound advice. Your experienced, knowledgeable 1st Source banker will get to know you and your business and be your one-stop point of contact. Together, we will create a flexible financial program that satisfies your immediate and future financial needs, both personal and business-related. 
1st Source Bank is proud to recognize and applaud the tremendous contribution women in business have made to our economy and throughout the communities we serve like: 
Behavior Services & Therapy
Kelly Murray Howard MS, MBA, RBC     
CEO/Owner and QOAT  
 South Bend, Indiana
Saint Mary's College
 Notre Dame, Indiana
Linda Schanlaub
 Macy, Indiana

Contact us at (574) 235-2000 locally or 800 513-2360 toll free to get started.

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