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Relationship Banking

Expertise and strategic planning are important factors in running a business successfully. Our relationship banking managers understand this. That’s because they’re more than qualified lenders. They’re also well trained, highly experienced, comprehensively knowledgeable financial advisors.

Your 1st Source relationship banking manager is your primary bank contact and the person most immediately responsible at our end for your business accounts. In addition to assisting you with your specialty financing needs, he or she can direct you to a 1st Source expert to help you…

You’ll find your relationship banking manager to be …

  • responsive and proactive
  • a constant source of straight talk and sound advice
  • a business partner who seeks to build a long-term relationship with you on a foundation of trust
  • someone who ensures that you never have to “go it alone”
  • a great help in growing your business and increasing wealth

Your relationship banking manager doesn’t assume to know your business from the outset. You won’t be stereotyped and slotted into some fixed banking category. Instead, your relationship banking manager will always take time to listen to you and get to know you, your business, your industry, and your needs. Only then will he or she make recommendations and offer advice.

What your relationship banking manager provides more than anything are choices, opportunities, and solutions, not just products or services. He or she looks at the unique attributes of your business, sees its potential, and engages our entire team of experts to help you reach that potential.

If that’s the kind of banker you want, talk with us today and let us show you what relationship banking can do for your business.

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