1st Source Bank

Lockbox Services

If you’re looking for greater business efficiencies, try our Lockbox Services. They’ll help you streamline your internal collection tasks. How? By reducing the need to have your staff sort mail, process payments, and make trips to the bank.

Our Lockbox Services are designed for companies that manually process a high volume of incoming payments and want funds readily available. We …

  • collect your mail from the post office
  • process the payments in a secure environment
  • deposit funds into your business checking account the same day
  • provide daily reports detailing deposit information
  • make images available online next day
The customized remittance processing and various notification options available with our Lockbox Services give you another advantage: timely deposit information and details on customer payments that help speed up and simplify updating your accounts receivable or other records.
Talk with us and see for yourself what our Lockbox Services can do to improve your business efficiencies – and cash flow.

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