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Identity Theft Protection

To help you feel more secure about the safety of your personal information, 1st Source has partnered with Deluxe® to offer an identity theft prevention plan. You know Deluxe®; you’ve used the checks they produce for years. 


What is Identity theft?

Identity theft affects millions of consumers every year. It occurs when someone uses your financial or personal information without permission to open new accounts, take control of existing ones or make purchases with your identity.  


Identity Theft Protection from Deluxe® has two parts: 

  • Internet Monitoring - Provides ongoing searches of data and records on the internet to identify any known risks associated with the identity elements you provide, such as credit card data. If any of your information is discovered at any time, you will receive an email with details about what was found. If you did not release the information, it will be assumed that it has been compromised and you will get help recovering your identity.
  • Identity Restoration – if your personal information is compromised, a dedicated specialist is assigned to assist you with recovery. The service includes reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs related to recovery and is backed by the EZShieldSM Promise that provides prevention, detection and restoration services for up to one year from the date your identity was compromised. 
How do I sign up?

If you are part of the Business Partnership Package, the monthly fee for ID Theft Protection, a $4.95 per month value per personal account, is included. 


Enrollment is easy. Talk to your 1st Source Banker today to sign up.

Take the first steps to protect your identity by signing up for the Business Partnership Package and allow up to four of the signers on your business account to receive free Identity Theft Protection powered by Deluxe®.

Learn about the Business Partnership Package from 1st Source Bank


Identity Theft Protection powered by Deluxe® is serviced by EZShieldSM, Inc.  Additional identity theft protection products may be offered when enrolling for Identity Protection at an additional cost.