Truckers Bank Plan

We’ve long understood that the trucking industry has unique financing needs. That’s why we developed the Truckers Bank Plan – to reach out to an under-served market with creative products and expert advice.

Our primary mission is to help our trucking industry customers grow their businesses. And we help them do that by providing the knowledgeable service and flexible financing they deserve. Under the Truckers Bank Plan we provide …

  • commercial vehicle financing
  • commercial truck loans
  • truck financing
  • semi-truck financing

Our lenders are seasoned veterans who understand commercial trucking. When you come to them with questions about depreciation, resale values, and expense ratios, you won’t get blank stares – you’ll get sound advice. It’s the kind of advice that translates into greater profits and buying power for your company.

Truckers Bank Plan financing is always custom-tailored to your particular needs, too. We don’t use standardized applications or off-the-cuff formulas. Instead, we develop a relationship with you that enables us to …

  • understand your company’s needs
  • stay trucking-industry-current in order to develop innovative products that help you achieve your goals
  • offer the most convenient financing for your company
Whatever your financing needs, talk with us and see how our Truckers Bank Plan can help.

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