1st Source Bank

Fraud Protection

Check and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) debit fraud costs U.S. businesses billions of dollars each year. We offer the protection your business needs through Positive Pay, ACH Debit Block and ACH Filter. 
With Positive Pay … 
  • your business account is guarded against losses due to altered amounts, unauthorized drafts and most counterfeit items 
  • checks presented for payment are matched daily against a file you create of your disbursements
  • if a check number or dollar amount doesn’t match, we provide you with an exception report so you can make a payment decision

ACH Debit Block ...

  • a free service to keep unauthorized ACH transactions from posting to your business account
 ACH Filter … 
  • selectively authorizes ACH transactions to post to your business account 
  • lets you set maximum dollar amounts, offering tighter controls on transactions posting 
  • is available for a small monthly fee

Talk with us. And take a positive step toward safeguarding your business from fraud.