1st Source Bank

Business Analysis Checking

Does your business have high transaction volumes? Can you maintain an average monthly business checking account balance of at least $25,000? Then you’re an ideal candidate for our Business Analysis Checking Account.

Business Analysis Checking …

  • gives you the flexibility of either maintaining a monthly balance or investing excess funds
  • assesses a $14 monthly fee
  • assesses the following per-item fees*:
    • $0.11 for each deposit transaction
    • $0.16 for each check written
    • $0.30 for each deposit ticket
  • awards an earnings credit for the average available collected balance to offset per-item fees
Check images – digital scans of your processed checks – will appear on your monthly statement. This kind of imaging poses fewer fraud and security risks than the return of canceled checks.

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*Additional services may be offered for a fee.