Real Estate

Real Estate

The word "realtor" describes only one aspect of working in the real estate industry. Professionals who own their companies must have a firm grasp on every element that impacts operations - whether the commodity is land, housing or commercial property. The sections that follow span a broad spectrum of subjects that are key to growing a healthy business.

  • What you need to know

    Real estate pros work long hours to get ahead, so a little help is always welcome. In this section, leading experts present a wealth of information on how they've made their mark within the industry. The articles cover key management and operational subjects, among them, Software and Hardware, Vendor Relations, Staff and Employment, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and Purchasing, Insurance, and Communications.

  • Industry Publications

    One thing is certain - the business of real estate rides on change. To remain competitive, real estate brokers and agents alike must keep up with what's happening in the industry on all levels. This section provides a list of professional publications that lead the pack in providing timely information, thoughtful commentaries and practical advice geared primarily to the entrepreneur.

  • Trade Shows

    Forgetting about competition and spending time with colleagues can be both energizing and educational. The real estate industry provides hundreds of conference opportunities on local, state and regional levels; but for real excitement, national events can't be beat. This section describes the biggest and best gatherings, with all the pertinent contact information.

  • Industry News

    In the 21st century - at least so far - the real estate business seems to be a prolific news generator. Interest rates climb and drop; property sells and doesn't; the market is boom or bust. Check this site often for breaking stories and in-depth features on those critical developments that impact the industry on all fronts.

  • Trade Associations and Resources

    The real estate entrepreneur must be a master of many skills, from economic analysis, to property management, to legal expertise. Whether you are in the commercial industry or selling homes, representing developers or home buyers, or just trying to manage a real estate office, today's volatile economy leaves no room for error. This section is your guide to real estate trade associations and other sources of information that can help you close the deal.

  • Licensing/Certification, Training & Cont.

    The real estate industry truly is proactive in providing its members with career growth opportunities. In this section, ambitious professionals will find links to all manners of licensure and continuing education venues, many sponsored by the National Association of Realtors. Some of the featured specialties include: real estate buyer's agent, accredited land consultant, residential specialist and senior real estate specialist.