Social Media Tactics

Growing a property management business is a key concern for many property managers. Thanks to the advent of the internet and social media, growing an online presence and increasing brand recognition is well within reach with a little time and dedication. Building a company’s digital identity can aid in not only getting more properties under management but also attaining new tenants and maintaining existing tenant relations. Social media is a convenient way to connect with your target audience while posting on a regular basis does take time it also means more social media clout.

Social media can also position an individual or company as an expert, it’s about growing a community and allowing them to interact not only with you, but also with each other. Advertising vacancies and locating new residents are all things that social media can do for you and all at little to no cost involved. Feedback is also a way that social media can work in your favor, with the right reviews referrals to new property owners and tenants are possible. By being part of the conversation, you can build a reputation with new and existing renters. If you don’t join the social media world, you may be missing out as 93 percent of businesses currently have some form of social media profile. By spending under 10 minutes a day a few days a week, great strides can be built to build a property management brand online.

It’s not necessarily about quantity over quality as the more relevant the post is, the more likely it is to be engaging for followers. Activities and contests can be marketed through social media and provide a unique way to interact with the public. Additional marketing of social media accounts can be done by including social sharing buttons on outgoing emails and your property management website. Property managers don’t necessarily have to use all platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.). If time and efforts don’t allow for posting across all channels just pick one or two to be consistent with posting on. A variety of social media related platforms are available for little to no charge to help engage with your audience and also schedule posts.

In today’s technology rich world, if you’re not proactively protecting your brand, your reputation could be at risk. Online reputation management is a real issue even if you’re not active in the social realm, social influencers are. For this reason, having a strategy is critical to connecting with current and prospective customers, as well as differentiating yourself from your competitors. Maintaining a healthy online reputation is important to any business nowadays, and the property management field is no different.

Social media posts vary in form from one person or company to the next. When posting on social media accounts it’s important to have a clear and concise goal. The same questions of journalism also apply to social media, the Five W’s. Who, What, When, Where and Why are all important elements in determining if the social media post will be deemed as useful. Social media pages can also be a great way to establish yourself (and company) as a knowledgeable industry professional. Social media content needs to be relevant and up-to-date. In other words, what may be headline news six months ago may not be as applicable today. By keeping the content fresh and local more people will be able to connect with your brand. By establishing an online reputation on social media platforms, blog and a website customers can easily find and assess the property management firm. Photos, videos, written content and shared posts are all great ways to participate in social media.

Ensuring prospects find you online, obtaining positive reviews and keeping up with what is going on are all benefits of social media. Whether it’s gaining new followers, connecting with the existing follower base or just having a presence, online success can be reached. Creating easy to read, and engaging posts will ensure success in a social media strategy.