Reaping Greater Benefits When Outsourcing Your Company's Marketing

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Reaping Greater Benefits When Outsourcing Your Company's Marketing

Your company’s production and sales are booming - that’s great! It seems as though your business may be on the verge of some significant growth. Perhaps it’s time to strengthen or increase your marketing efforts to help you reach a wider audience. But how are you going to do that when you’re busier than ever and every minute of your day is already accounted for?

The simple answer is to outsource your marketing by hiring a marketing professional. Your first instinct may be to resist this decision; to think you can do it yourself because you know your business better than any outsider. While that is absolutely true, what’s also true is that you are not a skilled marketer. Professional marketing is a skill unto itself and when it’s time to get down to growing your business, it’s time to put aside your reservations (like that it’s too costly) and bite the bullet.

Choosing a Professional Marketer

There are many levels and degrees of professional marketing. Try to match the size of the marketing business to the size of your own. This is important because if you choose a company that’s too big, your company may be considered “small potatoes” and may not get the personalized attention it deserves. Likewise, if you choose a company that’s too small, they may not have the resources to help you get to where you’d like to go.

When choosing among marketers of similar size, you’ll want to pay close attention to what they actually offer and what they say they can provide. Marketing is not an exact science, so while it may sound reassuring to hear someone “guarantee” a certain number of consumer impressions, engagements, or conversions, be wary of those making such grandiose claims. There are certainly best practices that can be followed in a solid advertising campaign that have been shown to influence consumers’ buying behavior; that is where a reputable marketing professional will focus efforts.

Marketing is a Partnership

Once you hire a professional marketer, your marketing duties are not done. They provide the vehicle, some results-driven ideas, clever and savvy execution - but you still need to give them material to work with. They need to be kept in the loop as to what’s happening in your business. Make them aware of promotional events, specials, sales, job openings, employee standouts, new offerings, community involvement, etc. Most importantly, inform them as to your company’s personality - its mission statement and the ways it manifests. These elements comprise the spirit of your company and give your marketing professional the specific details necessary to advertise your company’s brand in the media, whether it be in mailings, print ads, television, radio or online.

There may be times when you will have to facilitate the marketing process. While it may be out of your comfort zone, you may have to personally ask customers if they would be so kind as to write a review, provide a testimonial or provide their email address to receive notifications from your business. Photos and videos from the workplace or with customers are the type of personalized content that will really help your marketing professional bring your brand to life. Providing industry-specific inside information to your marketer for use in posting a company blog is yet another way to provide them with tools to represent your business. If you are absent from your company’s marketing, it will appear distant and lack your distinct personality.

Establish Reasonable Goals for Your Marketing Efforts

Before beginning professional marketing, discuss with your marketer what results are reasonable to expect. It’s important that you go into this process with a realistic expectation of results - both on customer reaction and on the time it will take for any effect to take hold. Having an idea of what to expect and when to expect it will help you track the success of the marketing efforts in a realistic context.

Keep an Eye on Results of Marketing

Even when in professional hands, you’ll want to keep tabs on how the marketing efforts are paying off. Examine reports, look for trends, talk to customers about how your marketing has reached them. No one has their hand on the pulse of your business and its customers like you. Share this intel with your marketer so they can use it to better strategize your advertising efforts moving forward.

Don’t Hesitate to Switch Marketers

Since every marketer will have their own preferences, approaches and favorite media outlets, results can vary among different ones. Should you be dissatisfied with your first choice, seek out another. Use the knowledge you gleaned with your first experience to hone in on a marketer who will better suit your unique business’ needs and customer preferences.

The step to outsourcing your marketing can be daunting. It represents a big expense with a rather nebulous return on investment. These considerations above will help you choose a marketing professional prudently and empower them to do the best work possible on your behalf.

Is it time to consider outsourcing your company’s marketing?

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