Gina Blitstein Article

Gina Blitstein Article
Picture of Gina Blitstein Gina Blitstein combines her insight as a fellow small business owner with her strong communication skills, exploring topics that enhance your business efforts. That first-hand knowledge, matched with an insatiable curiosity to know more about just about anything, makes her a well-rounded writer with a sincere desire to engage and inform.

What Can Be Gleaned from Business Gurus?

What Can Be Gleaned from Business Gurus?

Anyone who owns a business wants to see it flourish. Although much can be learned through education and experience, the fact remains that no one runs the “perfect” business. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses when it comes to taking action and making decisions on behalf of our company.

No one knows everything about running a business, so it’s perfectly natural to look to those we consider to have superior skills to help us hone our acumen. Not only is it natural, but common, to seek guidance from those we regard as superior to ourselves at the business of business. Such individuals are often known as business experts, or “gurus.” In the form of books and videos and gurus abound, offering all manner of advice on finance, interpersonal relationships and risk-taking toward the goal of greater success.

In accordance with a professionally successful persona, many business experts exude an abundance of confidence and charisma. Witnessing such a self-assured demeanor can be exhilarating - especially when we may feel we’re not “crushing it” on the job. An influential guru will appear to have that which we feel we lack, for instance:

  1. a better, quicker, more effective way to accomplish tasks
  2. a different way to identify, frame and pursue goals
  3. a more dynamic way to deal with people

In fact, their expert enthusiasm and fresh perspective may have the power to jolt us out of poor practices or a deepening rut - which can be an enlightening experience.

The key to gleaning inspiration from a business expert is to view their strategies and applications in a realistic light. Though their message may be electrifying and uplifting, it is not a magic bullet. Consider their advice as that of a consultant rather than an authority. If their message strikes a chord with you, there’s probably something you can learn. To enhance your benefit from listening to a guru, remember to bear the following issues in mind:

  • Why are they experts exactly? Evaluate a guru’s qualifications thoroughly and with an open mind. An overblown backstory and an expensive suit does not a business expert make. Look into their actual experience to assure yourself that they truly deserve the privilege of influencing your professional actions.
  • Talk is cheap. Many people are blessed with the gift of gab. They can make any story sound plausible and inspirational. Remember, the job of many a business expert is to get you fired up enough to buy - or buy into - something. Make sure it’s actual substance you’re buying and not simply well-articulated hype.
  • It’s not their business. A guru may suggest taking bold or drastic actions in order to make a significant impact on a problem or pain point. Be mindful, however, that It’s easy for someone who does not actually represent your business to take risks with your money, resources or reputation. Don’t allow your good judgment be overshadowed by an outsider’s lofty promises of incredible success.
  • You - and you alone - have the deepest insight into your own business. Regardless of the knowledge and abilities a business expert may possess, remember that your insight into your business is something only you have. You know better than anyone the nuances that make your unique business tick, imparting a singular power to you, the owner. Bottom line, no one from the outside knows your company like you do, so don’t sell your own knowledge short.
  • Don’t buy wholesale advice! Although they’ve packaged their advice for your convenient consumption, evaluate the validity of every point of a guru’s system. Pick and choose which specific parts ring true for you from the whole of the guru’s offerings. Some aspects may work well for you. Others may be a bad fit - or at least an awkward fit. Be inspired, empowered and enabled; act and realize the benefits. Then move on - there’s no need to force changes simply because “the expert says so.” You’ll end up feeling even more empowered when you take responsibility for the degree of change your were inspired to make.

It’s wise to keep your eyes open for strategies to improve your business operations. Even so-called gurus don’t have all the answers but when they are qualified professionals, you can often learn a number of beneficial techniques to bolster your success. Remember to carefully consider the source of the information, choose that which suits your business’ interests best and follow the advice on your own terms.

What are the most successful strategies you’ve learned from business gurus?

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