4 Very Useful Tools for Twitter

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4 Very Useful Tools for Twitter

Twitter remains one of the top social networks that can provide value for your social media marketing when used well. Twitter can be a brand builder, helping you reach a more global audience, and is even helpful for reaching and interacting with the media. Here are four Twitter tools – three analytics-focused and one to get more tweets – that have free and fee-based features.

If you’re looking to analyze the reach of your Twitter account, hashtags or keywords, TweetReach provides some insights. If you are searching for your Twitter account name, for example, you can find out how many tweets have gone out in the last week, how many “contributors” meaning people who have tweeted your Twitter handle and which tweets with your name have been retweeted the most. Identifying the most retweeted tweets is especially helpful as you plan out your tweets, revealing the content that is most compelling to others. The Pro versions start at $49 per month.

Another analysis tool for Twitter is Daily 140. Connect your Twitter account with their site and add in up to three other twitter accounts you want to watch for free. Within 24 hours, you will start receiving analysis of those accounts’ new followers and favorites. Gain intelligence on competitors through their Twitter account activity. For $5 per month you can track 10 Twitter accounts.

Tweepsmap does a quick analysis of your Twitter followers for free. Get a breakdown of where your followers are located by percentage and also on a map graphic, by country, state or province or city. For $14 per month you can get actual lists of followers that correspond with the geographical breakdowns. Other fee-based features include the growth or decline of your audience, demographic breakdowns and brand affinity that gives you insights into your followers brand preferences. Other data points include unfollows (available after the first week of signing up), top followers (paid) and most recent followers (free). The Community feature lets you search for other accounts to follow based on keywords and hashtags. Paid plans start at $14 a month.

Not all Twitter tools are geared toward analytics. Some provide ways to improve the reach of your messages. ClickToTweet is a handy tweet amplification tool that lets you generate a link that, when clicked, automatically populates a person’s Twitter account with a tweet that you’ve prepared and they have the option to post to their Twitterfeed.

The most common way to use ClickToTweet is to craft sound bites or tweet-length excerpts from your website, blog posts or articles and even product descriptions on your ecommerce site then submitting them to the ClickToTweet tool. Then take the link generated from the site and add it to your website or online store or your blog posts or articles with a call to action “Click to tweet this.” All someone has to do is click the link then post your message.

Remember that the message tweeted out will be on someone else’s feed, not your own, so you want it to sound like a personal message. Craft your message for ClickToTweet with that perspective in mind and make them concise with a call to action and link. For example, pre-craft a message about a sale that someone else will tweet out such as “I just got an amazing deal at ABC Store. Use the code 4SALEABC for 10% off your purchase here: LINK.” Another example if you were marketing an event might be something like, “I’m going to this exciting event! Won’t you join me? LINK to buy your tickets, too. #ABCEvent.” Remember to include a hashtag if you have one relevant to what you’re promoting.

Knowing who your followers are, which of your tweets are most popular, and how far your tweets reach are only a few of the many metrics you can measure using third-party tools that integrate with your Twitter account. Amplifying your tweets and making it easy for others to share your messages are only a few ways to enhance your Twitter marketing. Look for the tools with the features you need, and invest in the ones that give you the best results.