Optimizing Your Company's Pinterest Page

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Optimizing Your Company's Pinterest Page

Like all popular social networks, Pinterest has gone through so many changes since its inception that keeping up can be challenging. Here are some tips for freshening up your Pinterest presence to improve its effectiveness as a brand builder and traffic – and even sales - driver.

1. Verify you have a Business account

In order to take advantage of business-oriented features and all-important analytics, make sure your Pinterest account is a Business. Go to your profile Settings and if you have a Business account, you will see “Business Profile Basics” on the top left side of the page. If you don’t, go to the Pinterest business website at business.pinterest.com for instructions on how to convert your account from personal to Business.

2. Choose the best profile picture

Your Pinterest profile appears fairly large on your Pinterest page but tiny everywhere else. If you have a complex logo, choose a recognizable element to use as your Pinterest profile picture. If there are words in your logo, chances are they will not be legible in the Facebook feed so upload variations of your logo until you find the right image.

3. Craft a compelling description

Pinterest limits the number of characters you can use in your Pinterest Page description (about 140). Be concise and compelling with your description. What you say in your description is usually the first thing people see when they land on your Pinterest page so make it count.

4. Verify your website

Under Settings, go to the section where you’ve entered your website URL and click to verify your website. A pop up window appears with a line of code that you can copy and paste into the meta tags of your company website. If you have a Wordpress site, go to "Tools" then "Available Tools" to paste the line of verification code into the Pinterest section of that page. Once verified, your website URL will appear with your description on your Pinterest page.

5. Edit your “Showcase”

As you edit your Pinterest profile, you can opt to edit your Showcase that displays an automatically rotating collage of images from specific boards. There are five slots to highlight five specific boards, and they are displayed as a slider at the top of your Pinterest page.

6. Rename and Rearrange your Boards

Take a look at your Pinterest Page from a user’s standpoint. Your Pinterest Boards should not be placed randomly but instead should reflect both your brand and also include some of the more popular Pinterest topics from your brand’s “point of view.” Popular topics include Fashion, Food and Drink, and Quotes.

Even if you don’t have a fashion brand, for example, get into the head of your customer and imagine what kind of fashion they’d like to see if you did offer fashion-oriented products. For example, if you are a florist, you could pin women’s dresses with floral patterns. If you were a pet store, you could pin t-shirts with animal designs. Be creative and think more broadly than literally.

Pick Board names that are clear and descriptive and that incorporate some keywords. Fill in your Board descriptions to do the same. Everything you put in your Board names and descriptions can increase the chances of your Pinterest Boards showing up in search results.

7. Pin from your website

While the most common way to use Pinterest is to peruse websites and pin or go through your Pinterest feed or search results and repin, the most effective way to drive more traffic to your website is to pin directly from your site. Keep in mind that each pin is a link directly to a page so make sure that page either has Pinterest-appropriate images or instead upload an image and paste in a page link for a more custom-looking pin.

If you pin from an online store, make sure that the price shows up and that the image if of the specific product being sold and is compelling and attractive.

Pinterest continues to improve their site with companies and advertising in mind. Leveraging these business-oriented features can help turn Pinterest into a powerful, visual marketing tool.