Managing Social Media Marketing from Your Mobile Device

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Managing Social Media Marketing from Your Mobile Device

Social media marketing has become increasingly mobile. All the top social networks have mobile apps in addition to their websites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. All social networks show an upward trend of users accessing their accounts mostly from mobile devices.

Here’s a breakdown of the apps that help you best manage your social media marketing straight from a smartphone phone or tablet.


While you can access your Facebook Page or Facebook Group from the regular Facebook app, the company is pushing their Facebook Manager app to cut through the chatter and get right to business. You can compose posts, publish them and even boost them from the app. You can also moderate conversations and respond as needed on both your Page and any Group you manage. Some finer details may be a little more challenging to manage from smaller screens, but the essential activities needed to run your company’s Facebook presence day-to-day should be at your fingertips.

Boosting a post from the Facebook Manager is as simple as pressing the Boost button at the bottom of each post. Once you’ve run a campaign, you can view the promotion metrics clicking the same button.


The Twitter app is fairly straightforward and not too different from their website. Finding some of the ancillary sections such as Likes (on your Profile page) and Lists (click on your Profile icon) can be a little challenging, but for the most part, you can operate Twitter and manage your conversations with ease from your device. When you begin composing a tweet, you can access both the camera to add photos and video on the fly or start streaming video live, right within the Twitter app instead of needing to launch a separate app.

Promoting a tweet is simple from the Twitter app. Click on the tweet you’d like to promote and scroll below the Tweet measurement activity to access the Promote button.


Because Instagram was created as a standalone mobile app, everything you need to do to manage your Instagram account is readily available. Post photos and video on the spot or upload them from your phone. All of the ancillary apps that were created by Instagram for enhanced features such as Layout to create collages and Boomerang to create super short looped videos are now integrated into the main app for easy access. Copying Snapchat, Instagram now lets you create and post Stories that last for 24 hours then disappear. You can also download your Stories into your camera’s library to leverage them later. By setting all Stories to archive in your Instagram app Settings, you’ll be able to access your Stories and use them to build featured Stories on your Profile page.

Boosting Instagram posts is as easy as clicking the Promote button at the bottom of each post. Doing so will launch or your Facebook app so you can access the Facebook ad manager. Click the Insights icon at the top of your Profile page to get to your account metrics.


The Pinterest app is a scaled down version of the web app and is both easy to use and navigate. Peruse your feed, Compose pins from images or video in your Library or repin straight off the feed.

Add a payment method in Settings and promote individual pins.


Peruse and comment on the news feed, connect with other people, message individuals, post to Groups – you name it – you can manage your LinkedIn account from any mobile device. Click “See post analytics” at the bottom of posts you’ve uploaded.


The mobile-only Snapchat app is feature rich. The only thing you can’t do from the app is to create your own geofilter. Go to to set up and pay for custom geofilters with your company branding.

Other than Instagram and Snapchat that have limited web features, the top social networks really do give you a lot of control through your smartphone or tablet. With so many people getting social on their mobile devices, it is important to know that almost everything you need to do to manage your social networks can be right in the palm of your hand.