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Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman
Picture of Aliza Sherman Aliza Sherman is a news media entrepreneur, author, women's issues activist, and international speaker. Sherman has received recognition for her role as an entrepreneur focused on women's issues, particularly women's role in the news media industry and their participation on the Internet.

Enhanced Facebook Posts

Enhanced Facebook Posts

Keeping people interested in what you’re publishing online can be challenging. Most social networks provide limited ways of presenting your content to attract attention. But Facebook continues to add features to Facebook Pages to encourage companies to use them for marketing purposes.

The most common types of Facebook posts are:

  • Text only – These are the posts where you don’t include any visuals, just text. While they may not attract as much attention as highly visual posts, they can still be useful for informing and engaging your audience.
  • Link post – These are the posts where you link to another site and use the preview image that is automatically pulled into the post by Facebook. Facebook prefers that you don’t send people away from the network so these types of posts may not perform as well as ones that link to content within Facebook.
  • Photo or video post – These are posts where you upload files to your post to illustrate them. Photo posts can be in the form of an album with multiple images as well. Videos uploaded directly to Facebook will always get more views than links to video hosted off the network.

Some additional post options include:

Start a Q&A conversation – Prompts people to ask questions that you pose in the post.

Create an offer – Discount coupons offered that people can redeem either online or offline.

Create an event – Invitation to an online or offline event that lets people RSVP and share with others. Keep in mind you can make an event out of anything including a sale, promotion or contest.

Add a milestone to your Page – Marking significant dates in your company’s history such as when you started or when you launched a particular product.

Write a note – The Facebook equivalent of blogging, Notes is a great tool for publishing long form content on the network that you can link to later in a post.

Get people to sign up for something – Prompting people to provide their email address to you so you can stay in touch with them more directly.

Get people to message your business – Responses to these go into Facebook Messenger for more immediate contact.

If you’re looking for additional impact for your posts, try these enhanced content offerings:

Carousel – Using a link, you can create a scrolling presentation of images from another website.

Slideshows – Upload three to ten images then Facebook will automatically compile them into a slideshow. Choose the transition feed, add a fade if you’d like, and even add a music soundtrack from several choices Facebook offers.

Canvas – Combine images and video to create a dynamic, engaging presentation of your content.

Facebook 360 – Using a 360 degree camera such as the Ricoh Theta, create images and video that you can then upload to your Facebook Page. The view can be rotated on a mobile device and on the web.

Facebook Live – Switch on Facebook Live to start broadcasting video immediately from your Page. Schedule video events to attract more fans.

Be strategic about when and how you use the different types of posts Facebook offers for your Page. While the bells and whistles can attract attention in the short term, flashy features will only get you so far. Produce quality content that is useful and interesting to your audience. Also invest in boosting your key Facebook posts to garner a wider audience or a more highly targeted one.

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