Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman

Social Media Blogs by Aliza Sherman
Picture of Aliza Sherman Aliza Sherman is a news media entrepreneur, author, women's issues activist, and international speaker. Sherman has received recognition for her role as an entrepreneur focused on women's issues, particularly women's role in the news media industry and their participation on the Internet.

5 Smart Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

5 Smart Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

While the news is filled with stories about Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest still comes up as a top social network, particularly for driving traffic to websites and generating sales. While the best process for using Pinterest can be time consuming, this visual social network can be a powerful complement to your online presence.

Here are five ways you can more effectively use Pinterest to market your business.

1. Pin from your website or online store.

You should pin from a variety of websites and repin others on Pinterest to fill your feed with content, but don’t neglect to pin from your own website or online store regularly to drive traffic to your site. The images on your site or online store need to be sized properly for Pinterest. Larger is always better, and vertical images do particularly well on Pinterest. Include a share button for Pinterest on your website or store as well. While most Pinterest users won’t buy from you the first time they see one of your product pins, most use the site to bookmark things they’d like to purchase in the future.

2. Produce step-by-step graphics

How-to graphics are very popular on Pinterest from how to execute an arts and crafts project such as a wine cork coaster to how to tie-dye clothing to how to clean your skin to how to arrange flowers and more. What does your business offer that could be good content for a How-to graphic? How-to graphics are typical vertical and very tall, with each step stacked on top of the other in sequential order with the first step placed at the top of the image. You can upload your How-to image directly to Pinterest but by posting it on your website or blog, you can drive more traffic to your own site as well.

3. Pin video

Beautiful images abound on Pinterest, but eye-catching and compelling video can draw attention to your company. Video is one of the fastest growing types of content that people view and share. Gain more traffic for your YouTube account by uploading video there and pinning directly to it. Note that not all uploaded video will display as video in your Pinterest feed.

4. Build your showcase.

Pinterest now offers a “Showcase” at the top of your Pinterest account page. Select five boards that best represent who you are and what you do. Once you’ve made your selections, recent selections from the board rotate continuously like a slide show. You can swap out the boards you’d like to showcase at any time although you cannot rearrange the order of the boards that show unless you delete them and re-add them.

5. Rename your boards

Chances are if you set up your Pinterest boards a while ago, you didn’t know the ins and outs of being found on Pinterest so you may have named your Pinterest boards in clever and creative ways that don’t help you get found. Look at the categories that Pinterest lists under the Find icon and see how many of your boards correspond with their top categories. Also explore the Popular page on Pinterest to see what users are pinning and finding interesting. Use that information to rename some of your boards or make new boards that are more relevant to Pinterest users while still staying on brand for your own company.

Marketing on Pinterest takes time and also a lot of creativity. While Pinterest isn’t for every business, when used properly, Pinterest can help boost awareness, traffic and even encourage sales.

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