Facebook Advertising Options Revisited

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Facebook Advertising Options Revisited

When it comes to advertising on social media, no social network can hold a candle to Facebook. For years, Facebook has been tracking and compiling data about its users online habits, interests, and behaviors, not to mention standard demographics, location, and language. All of this information is put to use in Facebook’s Ad Manager.

The Facebook Ad Manager lets you choose from numerous advertising options, breaking it down by Awareness, Consideration and Conversion:


Brand awareness





App installs

Video views

Lead generation




Catalog sales

Store visits

Based on your specific business goals and marketing needs, you can pick the marketing objectives that suit you. You can use split testing to test out your creative, ad placement, various audiences, and delivery optimization. You can also drill down on several of the ad objectives. For example, when you pick Engagement, you can choose Post engagement, Page likes or Event responses.

Facebook also lets you advertise on Instagram, another popular social network that they own, giving you exposure on two platforms for your ad spend.

You can target specific audiences by many criteria including location, age, gender, and languages as well as interests such as fitness, meditation, cooking and travel. You can also define your target audience by their connections such as friends of people who like your page – or by excluding certain audiences such as specifying not to reach people that have liked your page so you are getting your brand in front of new people.

Once you develop a custom audience, you can save it for future ads or edit and refine it over time. As you place more ads, being able to pick and choose from saved audiences or start from scratch and create new ones gives you more control over who will see your ad.

After you’ve created the design and copy of your ad and specified who you want to reach, you can pick your budget. Facebook will now prompt you with a tip to extend the duration of your ad campaign when it automatically assesses that you could get more results with a longer campaign. While the most results usually stem from spending more money, these prompts to extend your campaign don’t require you to spend more money. Facebook automatically distributes your budget according to optimal times determined by their sophisticated ad system software.

To get more out of your ads, Facebook provides a tool called Audience Insights that compares your Page audience to the overall Facebook population. Categories include gender, job title, other Pages they like, their activities on Facebook such as how many ads they click or the posts they share, and how they access Facebook. Knowing more about your audience can help you craft more effective ad campaigns on Facebook.

Another way to get more out of Facebook ads is to be very strategic about where you send people. Facebook favors keeping people within the app so boosting Events or posts that link to content on Facebook may get more visibility than links outside of Facebook such as your website. If you are going to link people away from Facebook, don’t send them to your home page where they might get lost or click away. Consider making a landing page that very clearly directs them to take a specific action.

A good place to create a landing page or destination for your Facebook ads is on Facebook Notes. Notes are Facebook’s blogging feature where you can add text and embed images and video. Notes show up in your Page feed when you publish them, then you can later link to them from posts and keep traffic on Facebook while conveying your more detailed marketing message.

Gone are the days when you could post something on Facebook and the people following your Page would see it. If you want your marketing message to be seen, put aside a Facebook budget for the coming year. Even a small budget can get your brand in front of more people, and with targeting, more of the right people.