Mobile Presentations Spread Your Message

Small business owners understand that conducting business today rarely involves staying put in a traditional workplace, and that meeting clients and prospects on the road or in their office often means performing product demonstrations or presentations in improvised settings.

From mobile versions of popular presentation apps to using your smartphone as a remote control device, it's easy and effective to leverage the mobile tools you're already using to deliver presentations nearly anywhere your business takes you.

Smartphone Screens

Smartphone users can deliver presentations directly on their handset screens. Due to the smaller screen size, this approach is probably best suited for presentations or demos that will be delivered during one-on-one meetings, but it can be an effective way to illustrate key points during a discussion.

To prepare a presentation for mobile delivery, PowerPoint and Keynote users can export their presentation slides as movie files. After converting your slides and transitions, you'll be able to play back the resulting video on a wide range of smartphones including the iPhone and handsets running Android and Windows.

Windows users can also use a mobile version of PowerPoint to edit and display presentations. Owners of Apple's iPad tablet can use a customized version of Keynote to prepare and deliver presentation files.

Other popular apps that help you design and share presentations via mobile devices include Prezi, Haiku Deck, Mighty Meeting, and others.

If you're using a projector to deliver your presentation, your smartphone can still play a critical role by serving as a remote control. Avoid the need to constantly walk back to your laptop (or to enlist a volunteer to advance your slides) by creating a wireless connection between your smartphone and your laptop, and advancing your slides remotely.

Portable Projectors

While your smartphone can play a starring role in your next mobile presentation, there are going to be times when a portable projector will also be important in helping you get your ideas across. If you're presenting to more than a few people, asking them to watch a presentation on a laptop screen probably isn't a practical option.

A new range of portable and pocket-sized projectors can help you deliver presentations to groups of varying sizes. For small to medium rooms, an ultra-portable projector will generally weigh between two and seven pounds, and will offer between 2,000 and 4,000 lumens of brightness (you'll need at least 2,000 lumens for your presentation to be clear in a room with ambient light).

For smaller presentations, a pocket-sized (also known as a 'pico') projector may be a good option. While offering considerably less brightness output, a pico projector will fit in your pocket and can help you deliver a presentation to a small group seated around a conference or meeting room table.