Mobile Document Management Keeps You Productive

One of the occasional frustrations of doing business outside the office is not being able to access a file you need, but a wide range of document management tools is helping small business owners avoid this common problem and remain productive from nearly anywhere.

Online document management tools fall into two broad categories – note-taking apps that help users manage text notes, photos and short audio files, and full-fledged productivity suites that allow users to access, edit or create documents remotely.

Another advantage of mobile document tools is that you can keep the documents synchronized between your computer, smartphone or tablet. If you're working on a public or borrowed computer, for instance, you can add new information or access your files remotely.

Mobile apps can help business owners take notes and capture potentially valuable thoughts and ideas remotely. You can enter not only text notes, you can also take photographs and record short voice messages summarizing important ideas.

Similarly, mobile productivity suites can be valuable tools for business owners by allowing them to create and edit documents with a smartphone or tablet, potentially sparing the need to cart around a full-featured laptop.

Virtual Storage

Several online storage applications allow business owners to access files from a variety of computers or mobile devices. Uploading files is as easy as dragging them to a virtual folder. You can then open and edit those files remotely, and any changes you make to a document will be synchronized among all of the devices on which you've installed the app.

For instance, you can work on a document on several computers (such as at home or in the office) without having to keep track of which version is the latest or the hassle of e-mailing a document to yourself or copying to a USB memory device.

You can also created shared folders that allow team members to collaborate on documents. The apps handle all of the background processing and synchronization, so you can concentrate on your documents, not on the administrative headaches associated with accessing and sharing documents remotely.

Popular document management apps and services include Dropbox, Evernote, Sendable, Box, and other choices.