Apps Help Smartphone Users Manage Contacts

Every business owner knows that his or her contact information is a critical business asset that needs to be nurtured and protected. With business owners spending an increasing amount of time outside the workplace, the ability to manage this contact info wirelessly is also critical.

To address this need, a growing number of smartphone apps and online services can help business owners unlock the value of their contact information remotely.

Smartphones come with built-in address book applications that help business owners manage basic contact information such as names, addresses, email information, and the growing number of phone numbers most of us have.

A variety of smartphone apps have been released to offer more sophisticated features that help business owners access and manage their contact information either over wireless networks or via Wi-Fi connections.

Some of the most powerful features offered by apps include:

  • Drag-and-drop editing and merging of contact records
  • Organizing contacts into groups such as by company or by city
  • Storing additional information such as past orders to enable basic CRM functions
  • Speed-dialing contacts from the address book
  • Sending e-mail or SMS messages from the app screen
  • Social media and networking account information
  • Contact import, export and synchronization with PC contact management programs or databases
  • De-duplication of contact records
  • Mapping customer address information to get driving directions

Some applications allow users to take a photo of a business card and import the data into the handset's address book or other contact management application.

A number of contact management apps also integrate with social networking platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn to allow users to check their contacts' latest status updates or to import contact information directly from those platforms.

Because your contacts are such a valuable business asset, a number of wireless applications allow you to back up contact data automatically to a PC or a secure network server. This helps ensure that if your handset is lost or stolen, you can easily synchronize your contacts onto the replacement handset.

Popular contact management apps for business users include Contacts + (Android and iOS), Contacts Ultra (Android), and Full Contact, Connect and Brewster (iOS), and others.