Telemarketing Done Right

Telemarketing Done Right

While telemarketing has endured some hard knocks in recent years, many retailers continue to regard it as a valuable sales tool. Defined as the process of selling or promoting a product or service via telephone, telemarketing boasts a strong performance record against other marketing media. The reason is pretty simple - it offers some real benefits.

Telemarketing is flexible and allows real-time revisions - critical when product offerings change, or when you decide to shift your firm’s demographic focus. It also generates significant returns on your marketing-dollar investment, provides direct customer interaction, and is an easy way to add to customer data bases.

From a salesperson’s perspective, the opportunities to cross- and up-sell, navigate a flexible marketing territory and keep fluid calling schedules are too good to pass up.

Outbound telemarketing is an excellent way to collect data, generate leads and make sales appointments. This type of software also allows callers to conduct surveys, clean up contact lists and databases, reactivate inactive clients and naturally, make that big sale.
Inbound telemarketing applications have functions such as order taking, real time and automated customer service responses and feedback on most types of advertisement.
Tweaking your programs to perform functions specific to your needs is a simple matter. Possibilities include:

  • New product debuts
  • Product change and recall announcements
  • Cold contacts
  • Market research
  • Customer news updates
  • Special deals, sales and discount offers
  • Service expansion announcements
  • Customer service upgrade announcements

As promising as this may sound, telemarketing also has drawbacks. For example, setting up and running a system involves considerable money and time. As such, don’t build a telemarketing campaign without first doing extensive research.

Then, decide whether to set up a call center in-house or to contract a third-party service provider. Both situations have their pros and cons. Whether they will work for you depends on the nature of your business.