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Just getting a small business up and running means long hours and extended work weeks. But when legal issues loom, an owner may find he's out of time, energy and ideas. The articles in this section are designed to provide the answers to dozens of questions - from how to find the right attorney, to the legalities of business structure, employment regulation and asset protection.

Legal Assistance

  • Finding a Lawyer - Research the type of lawyer you need and find the one that makes the best fit for your needs.
  • How a Lawyer Can Help Your Business - Small business owners should find a lawyer they like and trust and make that lawyer a part of their business team.
  • How Legal Fees Work - There are different types of fee schedules, hourly, flat or fixed, contingency and blended fees. Be sure to know which type you are paying.

Setting Up a Business

Employment Law, Discrimination, and Dispute Resolution


Intellectual Property

Asset Protection