Twitter Management Tools

Twitter often requires far more content posting to stay visible and benefit from it. In the past, Twitter allowed other developers to create applications that enhance its functionality. Twitter has even purchased some of these tools including Tweetdeck. While Twitter has cracked down on third-party developer tools for Twitter, there are still some useful ones out there.

Here is a list of tools that can help you better manage your Twitter account.

1. Message management including monitoring, scheduling, and link tracking.

Tweetdeck – Works on the web through a standard web browser so you can view, monitor and manage messaging from multiple Twitter timelines.

Tweetchat – Lets you participate in live, organized Twitter-based conversation called Twitterchats or Twitter Parties. Tweetchat lets you monitor a live conversation using a specific hashtag and lets you post to the conversation, tagging your tweet with the same hashtag. Examples of hashtags for Twitterchats include #winechat and #blogchat. – A popular URL shortener that reduces URLs to a fewer number of characters that includes tracking and analytics. Twitter also shortens URLs automatically in your tweets. Using a tool such as adds another layer of measurement.

Tweriod – Determines the best times to tweet based on your followers’ activity on Twitter so your tweets are more likely to be seen.

GroupTweet - Lets any number of contributors to tweet from a single group Twitter account from any Twitter app they are using. Also communicate privately with a group using Twitter.

2. Managing friends and followers. - Manages your Twitter relationships including identifying your influencers, prospects and relevant people to follow. Use it to clean up your Twitter followers and invite your team to help manage multiple Twitter accounts. Also works with Facebook.

Followerwonk – Analyze your followers, where they are located and when they’re tweeting to help you find and connect with influencers on Twitter. Connect one profile for free then fee-based for more accounts.

ManageFlitter – Multiple tools including PowerPost to pick the best times to tweet, Unfollow to clean up who you are following on Twitter, tools to improve who you follow, and analytics.

FriendOrFollow – Use this tool to learn who you follow who is not following you back. You can also use it to see who unfollows you. In addition to Twitter, this app also works with Pinterest and Tumblr.

Tweepi – Helps you find relevant users who may be interested in what you tweet and engage with them to manage and grow your following.

Untweeps - Unfollow people who don’t tweet often. Analyzes followers and presents a list with checkboxes to manually select the ones you want to unfollow.

3. Monitoring conversations with email alerts.

Twilert – An app that sends you regular email updates when your brand, product, hashtag or any other keyword is mentioned on Twitter. 30-day free trial then a paid service after that. - Track keywords, phrases, #hashtags, @mentions and other criteria and receive email reports.

Keeping up with the latest applications and tools to manage your Twitter account can be a full-time job. The landscape of Twitter-related tools is constantly changing as some close down and new ones pop up. A quick Google search for the type of tool you need should turn up useful ones.