Managing Social Media

Entrepreneurs often use multiple social media channels to do business, but juggling more than one or two can be problematic. The articles listed here provide solid guidance on general management strategies, social media measurement tools and Twitter management tools.

  • Coordinating Social Media Channels - Using multiple social media channels to promote your business requires effective time and resource management, as well as solid collaboration with your team.
  • Social Media Management Tools - Use some of the many tools available to help manage your accounts. Functions include monitoring, filtering and responding to messages, collaborating with multiple users, and accessing analytics.
  • Twitter Enhancement Tools - Software and apps companies offer many free and fee-based tools to manage your Twitter account.
  • Social Media Measurement Tools - Measurement is an important part of any social media marketing effort. Read here for information on the tools that can help you monitor, measure and analyze how you're doing with your social media accounts.